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We are dedicated, curious, ready.

We work hard, we absorb knowledge, we disseminate generously.

We are global, yet we are always only a screen touch away.

Meet Dr. Jenn Zahrt, the convener of The Catapult portal. She teaches courses on astrology (Intensive Astro FUNdamentals; advanced traditional techniques, and more), and (coming soon!) German and writing. She received her PhD from UC Berkeley in 2012 with a thesis on The Astrological Imaginary in Earth Twentieth Century Germany. She immediately completed an MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology right after earning her PhD on the topic of legitimizing astrology in popular culture in Germany. To learn more about Dr Z's path, listen to this interview with Adam Elenbaas of Nightlight Astrology.


Now Dr Z is sharing the fruits of her (academic and astrological) labors with the world through The Catapult. Join us!

Why You Should Join Us

Reclaim your lost celestial heritage! If you seek to learn with an engaged, motley crew, get yourself inside The Catapult now. We put the FU in fun, and make sure you come out stronger than when you go in. We collectively sharpen our secret weapons for success.

A Big Thanks

To all the current, former, and future members, who make this portal glisten with inspiration and verve. To all the current, former, and future teachers who aid in the transmission of this material. To you, who are ready to contribute your spark to this work.

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